Can I reapply for CSM exam with same fees?

CSM exam

The Certified Scrum Master (CSM) credential establishes the standard for building practical applications and standards, as well as directing teams and stakeholders through the development process. There are no prerequisites for enrolling in CSM training, however, certification requires instruction. Applicants must grasp the Scrum framework, as well as its principles and practices, to acquire a CSM certificate. The Scrum Alliance provides a wealth of materials on Scrum basics, including the Scrum Alliance expert blog, member articles, videos, presentations, and reports.

Applicants must complete a Certified Scrum Master course given by a Certified Scrum Trainer. The course covers all you need to know about organizing and supporting a Scrum team. Scope, lean, agile, scrum, agile facilitation, coaching, and service to the development team, product owner, and organization are all covered in the CSM course. Following that, applicants must pass the CSM exam via the Scrum Alliance portal. After passing the CSM test, you must accept the licensing agreement. Following that, you must complete your Scrum Alliance membership profile.

The CSM credential provides several benefits to those who hold it. First, it demonstrates that an individual has completed the Scrum Alliance training program. This allows others to draw confidence in the knowledge and experience of the CSM, which can help them successfully navigate the Scrum framework. The CSM credential also provides a platform for those who hold it to share their knowledge and experience with others.

The Scrum Alliance provides a platform for those who hold the CSM credential to share their knowledge and experience with others. Applicants can access their Scrum Alliance profile to learn how to reapply for the CSM certification. They can also contact the Scrum Alliance if they have any questions or need help in reapplying. Thus, below are some of the steps to reapply for CSM certification.

  • Login to the CSM portal– If you’ve previously held the CSM certification and would like to reapply, you can do so via the Scrum Alliance certification portal. After accepting the licensing agreement, you can begin the CSM certification process by completing the course. Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll need to pass the CSM exam. You can take the CSM exam as often as needed to maintain your certification status.
  • Submit an application for the CSM test– Many Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master (CSM) courses consist of two parts: an online course and an in-person course. To apply, visit the Scrum Alliance certification portal, and follow the instructions to apply for the CSM test.
  • Reapply for CSM– After accepting the licensing agreement, follow the application instructions. You’ll need to provide some personal information and upload an application form and also pay the fees. You’ll need to upload your photograph, a short resume, and a Scrum Alliance membership profile.

The Certified Scrum Master certification from top 5 Scrum Institutes is one of the most respected in the profession, and one that is increasingly difficult to earn. It is the first professional development credential in Scrum to receive international accreditation and is a testament to the Scrum Alliance’s continuing commitment to quality. It is an impressive accomplishment and will make a strong impact on your career.

However, with proper learning, you don’t have to reapply for the examination. With the proper time management skills, you improve your learning by balancing between academics & co-curricular activities.

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