What is Flutter App Development? Why should you choose Flutter?

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Flutter app development is a game changer in the software development industry, making things easy for the developer and the company. It works as a cross-platform development framework and can work with both iOS and Android. The flutter app development was introduced in the year 2017. 

Software development teams don’t need to write more than one code, so it saves time and energy. There are many benefits of incorporating a flutter framework as compared to others. 

Flutter was developed by Google because, previously, developers had to create universal applications and websites using JavaScript, HTML, and other web technologies. These technologies were not much successful for mobile applications as they run poorly on them.  

Nowadays, developers focus more on developing content for multiple platforms, which is only possible in flutter app development. If android app development companies are hiring 

In this article, we will be giving you an insight into flutter app development. Flutter gives you options such as text boxes, widgets, and other options to create applications according to your feasibility. The applications can be diverse according to the client’s needs. Instead of looking for an android app development company, look for a flutter app development company and create a multiplatform app.

What Is the Underlying Programming Language Of Flutter?

The Flutter SDK is built on the Dart programming language, also developed by Google. It aims to replace standard JavaScript. Dart programs can be run on a server immediately, but on a browser, they must first be amassed into JavaScript using the Dart2js tool.

Applications are developed using direct Dart programming for Google’s forthcoming fuchsia platform. Popular object-oriented programming languages like Java or C# are evocative of their structure.

Three Primary Structural Tiers of Flutter

Flutter’s three primary architectural layers are as follows:

  • Framework: The Flutter framework, a contemporary reactive framework created in the Dart language, is the main interface that developers communicate with Flutter. The libraries offered by this framework are extensive. They have broken down into levels: the fundamental core classes, the rendering layer, the widgets layer, and the Material and Cupertino libraries.
  • Engine: As seen in the diagram above, the next level of Flutter is an Engine that offers low-level implementation of Flutter’s main APIs and is built in C++.
  • Embedder: To access features like accessibility, rendering surfaces, and input, this platform-specific embedder offers an entry point and works with the underlying operating system. Platform-specific languages, such as Java and C++ for Android and Objective-C/Objective-C++ for iOS, are used to create the embedder.

Flutter’s basis is built on Dart technology, first and foremost. It’s a programming language that Google created that is object-oriented and client-optimized. Dart may be translated into JavaScript and native code for desktop and mobile devices. 

This direct compilation means that, unlike React Native, it doesn’t need an extra bridge to connect to the platform. This notably improves the startup time and overall app speed. In the parts that follow, we’ll expand on it. If you are hiring a Flutter app development company, look for a reliable one, as there are many quacks in the market.

Why Should Developers learn Flutter App Development?

Over its rivals, Flutter has several benefits. Despite being a more recent cross-platform framework, Flutter is increasingly being preferred by businesses above others like Xamarin, Cordova, and React Native. The following are some of the main why development teams like Flutter:

Increased Productivity

It is more efficient to use the same codebase for Android and iOS. By guaranteeing little to no O.S. version compatibility concerns, Flutter’s native widgets further reduce testing time.


Without requiring access to OEM widgets or much coding, Flutter enables developers to create native mobile applications. This makes creating mobile apps simpler and complements Flutter’s wonderful user experience. The hot reload functionality speeds up the app development process. 

When using Flutter, you don’t have to restart the app to view every change you make to the code. You have more opportunities to experiment with the code and address faults immediately when you can quickly make changes to your app in real-time.

Better performance 

Users claim it is hard to distinguish between a Flutter app and other mobile apps. Look for an iPhone app development company that is licensed and has flutter app developers.


Flutter app development requires a single code only, so it’s like building two applications for the price of one


Flutter app development is beneficial for both companies and app developers. It is fast and cost-effective also, as it is built on a single codebase, unlike Android or iOS. If the developer can develop a flutter app, there is a greater chance of receiving a handsome salary. Software development companies are now adding this as a compulsory requirement while hiring a developer. 

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