How to find Similar Images on your Mac?


Finding Similar Images through Reverse Image Search is a tremendous advancement in the digital world. You can search for thousands of relative Images and their sources using Image Search. The tool doesn’t only provide benefits for daily searches, but people also use the Reverse Image Search in their professional matters. For instance, photographers need it to search if anyone is illegally using their images, etc.

So, because you can get numerous benefits using Reverse Image Search, let’s take you to details; What is a Reverse Image Search? How can you Reverse Image Search on your Mac? Etc.

What is a Reverse Image Search?

 By Reverse Image Search, you can search by an Image to find the source of the Image, sites with Similar Photos, different sizes of the Image, and Duplicate Images. You use Google as a Search Engine for various searches; how do you search? You type a statement or name or speak in the voice note to get the specific Content.

If you have an Image in your saved files and want to find Similar Images, How will you search for it? This is where Reverse Image Search plays its part.

 Ways to perform Reverse Image Search

You can use on your Mobile, Computer, or Mac. For Reverse Image Search, various tools and search Engines can be used. Starting from Google, you can carry out

Reverse Image Searches on Chrome, Firefox, Baidu, Bing, Yahoo, Pinterest, and many third-party Reverse Image Search Tools.

 How to do a Reverse Image Search on your Mac?

Doing a Reverse Image Search on a desktop Browser on your Mac isn’t complicated; it will just take a minute to process. There are various ways of Reverse Image Search on desktop Browsers. Let’s discuss them both one by one.

Reverse Image Search using Google

By using Google, it is easy to perform Reverse Image searches. You have to follow the following steps;

  • Open Google. You can open it directly or by searching from the Web Browser.
  • Once you are on the main page of Google, You will see an option for Images on the top-right. Open it.
  • Now you are on the main page of Google Images. Do you see a camera Icon in the search box? Click it.
  • Once you click it, you will see two options before you; one for uploading an Image and the other for pasting a URL.
  • Now you can select the Option of your choice.
  • Suppose you are going with the former Option, Upload an Image, whether it is a screenshot, an Image sent by a friend, or your own captured Image. If you are going with the latter, paste the URL of the Image you want to search by.
  • Now search for it to get the results.

Reverse Image Search using Chrome

 You can get a benefit by using Chrome in that you do not have to follow this process to search for an Image because when you see any Image on Chrome browser, the page gets saved there for later use, so you will directly reach that page.

Follow the following process to search by the already uploaded Images;

  • Locate the Image on the page that you want to search.
  • Right-click on the Image.
  • Click on ‘Search Google for Images’
  • You will get the results of the Uploaded Image

Reverse Image Search using third-party tools

 Other than Google and various Search Engines, there are third-party tools for Reverse Image Search on desktop browsers. You can get much better results by using this tool.

 The process of Reverse Image Search is the same as Google. But you can get various features and advanced searching for Similar Images by subscribing to track Image options.


 Finding Similar Images on Mac is not complicated; you must know how to perform it. By Reverse Image Search, you can find Similar Images in seconds. You can also get sources of the Images and other related information.

So, whether you are a Photographer or want information on the objects in the Image, you can search easily for them.

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