TCS says it’ll show empathy when dealing with moonlighting


TCS, according to a news source, has said that it’ll deal with moonlighting but also have empathy during the process as harsh actions may ruin someone’s career. Many tech giants have spoken against the moonlighting method and have warned employees of actions against that. However, recently they have also clarified that they are going to deal with this in a softer manner.

TCS has been one of the biggest tech giants in India since ever and is the second largest Indian company by market capitalization. Not only that, it is one of the most noted tech service providers in the world.

Many of the employees on higher positions are working for more than 25 years in TCS. Abhijit Mazumder, CIO, head of ultimatix unit is also one of them. According to a recently published article on CIO, he tells how he started working in TATA group as an intern in his college days. Now, he is the head of Ultimatix unit.

Ultimatix, if you don’t know, is the ERP portal of the TCS group. It deals with services that it grants to its employees and also with authentication for various employee related actions. It is an ERP gateway for its employees. It also provides a tool for employees to message each other.

How can one login to TCS?

To login into the TCS portal, you can use following method –

  1. Go to
  2. Now, enter username and password that you got from the Ultimatix team.
  3. Verify and login.

TCS might launch a gig-based platform for its users amid moonlighting issue

Many news sources have reported that TCS is developing a gig-based platform for its 600000 employees. It will enable them to complete a task for reward payment and if not rewarded, will help them in getting visibility within the company.

TCS, like other IT companies, is finding ways to battle the moonlighting issue. The target is also to reduce attrition number within the company.

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