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Online trading has become rampant, and people interested in trading no longer need to go anywhere for trading purposes. As everything is online, the need for a good broker is inevitable. But with a whole lot available out there, it only becomes more confusing. Read on to find out why you can choose Quick Trade for your trading needs.

Quick Trade is a South African-based Forex broker regulated by the Financial Services Conduct Authority of South Africa as a Financial Services Provider (FSP) (FSCA). Apart from providing you with a convenient platform for trading, it also provides you with advisory and intermediary services. This article will provide you with information about this online broker named Quick Trade.

A few things you need to know about quick Trade

Quick Trade is a service that provides an online platform to conduct all your trading activities. It was established in 2010 under the name of argusfx quick Trade. It only became an independent company in 2016. It offers its client the following services:

  • It offers quick trade, live trading, and demo accounts.
  • It also awards prizes to the best performing traders on its platform monthly. You can check the online website for information about the minimum deposit they need to open an account.

Though there is not much information about this online broker on the net, users have a positive review about this.

How to open an account in Quick Trade

If you want to open an account in Quick Trade, you can do it on the online broker’s official website. When you visit the website, a button will redirect the client to the accounts portal. The approval may take several days, and the client needs to send some verification documents like proof of residence through the mail.

  • The website will ask for a few personal and financial information.
  • You will need to disclose any trading background you have
  • Prove your identity and citizenship by confirming the same by uploading any national ID, passport, or driver’s license.
  • You can also add utility bills or bank statements as proof of your residency.

You can access your account and deposit your money when all is done and your account gets activated.

About the trading platform for QuickTtrade

Quick Trade offers only one platform for trading, and that is Meta Trader 5. A lot of traders use this as it is a very helpful platform. Providing this platform QuickTrade makes it easier for the clients to trade in IOS and Android platforms. The other advantage of this online broker is that it offers web traders so that you can trade from inside your internet browser.

Leverage options

If you are a trader who wants to trade on margin, the online broker offers 1:100, and when the client opens a new account, he can select the leverage that suits him. Your leverage can be selected from the deposit and withdrawal tab. Quick Trade also offers pips exploitation techniques which Quick Trade Technologies Ltd developed. This technique is very helpful in automated trading with an efficient risk management system for your convenience.

About deposits and withdrawals

Quick Trade wants its clients to deposit in ZAR; all the information about the deposit, withdrawals, and minimum deposits is given on the official website. You can also get information about this online trading platform on the social media platforms like Facebook.

A few features of Quick Trade

As mentioned earlier, this online broker provides you with just one platform, MT5, and it also comes with VPS and copies trading. As all of us are familiar with a VPS, it can create a faster and easier trading environment.

Copy trading is a simple process; technology is used to replicate Forex trade in the brokerage account. These features make this platform a friendly one for traders.

A safe and trustworthy trading platform

Financial Services Conduct Authority regulates this online broker platform. It is proof of a legally conducted company. With the presence of VPS, it puts its client’s demands first and also is very beneficial for Forex traders. Clients using this platform have a lot of instruments they can use for their trading purposes. The competitive spreads provided by this trading platform are another advantage for the clients. So when it comes to online trading, quicktrade can be chosen for making your experience a smooth and secure one.

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