How to Get into Marketing: Advice for Launching Your Career


Marketing is a good career for marketing majors and non-majors alike. A recent study has shown that there are various tried and tested steps to follow when launching a career in marketing. We will review efficient ways on how to get into marketing and be successful.

Tips of venturing into successful marketing

These steps will guide you in launching a successful career in marketing.

Choose your preferred type of marketing

There are different kinds of marketing you can choose to pursue. Email marketing, product marketing, and brand management are some types of marketing you can select. It would help if you concentrated on a type you are interested in pursuing. Understand the service description and grow your expertise.

Marketing can be frustrating. General marketing is also exhausting. Select a type of marketing that allows you to be creative and analytical. Conduct research on the type of marketing that works best for you to make the right choice.

Research and seek mentorship

Ensure you are well updated on what marketing experts are doing in their everyday activities. Follow such experts on their blogs, social media platforms, and newsletters. Review their work and learn how they manage to remain at the top.

Focus on the emerging trends that marketing experts capitalize on when launching new content. Your preferred type of marketing should guide you to identify companies and people you can work with. Seek professional insights and mentorship from marketing experts in your type of marketing.

Informational interviews are another technique you can adapt to get insights and mentorship. Schedule such interviews with professional marketers and ask them relevant questions about marketing career. These interviews are efficient because you may miss out on important information during research.

Network and build connections

Join professional groups in college and outside college, to mingle with like-minded people. These groups not only help you to network but also give exposure to good mentors and opportunities. Networking will also teach you how to craft a competitive cover letter and resume like a professional marketer.

Attend events where you can get mentors and other marketing professionals. Good events will give you insights and introduce you to others in the marketing field. The recommendation in marketing is important because most companies, including, prefer working with personally recommended candidates.

Have your content

Create your marketing or promotional content, as a way to introduce yourself to the world. You can have a YouTube channel, blog, or other platforms where people can find your content. Creating your content helps you put your marketing skills into practice and show potential employers your capabilities.

Become a freelancer

You can start your marketing career as a freelancer to help you gain professional experience. Freelance opportunities in marketing may include social media management and copywriting. Ask other marketers how to get reliable freelance opportunities, or check on reliable online sites.

If you had an internship when you were in college, you can ask your former boss for a freelance opportunity. Reach out to potential employers and express your interest in available opportunities. In case there are no opportunities, reaching out helps you get considered if an opportunity arises.

Get basic skills and courses

Spend time learning new skills that will boost your expertise and resume. Marketing has evolved greatly, and there are many skills you can acquire online free. Take digital marketing or Google Analytics courses and others, to make you a competitive candidate for job positions.

Have a detailed resume and cover letter

Your resume and cover letter should clearly show why you should be hired for a particular opportunity. You can apply for a marketing position without a marketing degree. The resume and cover letter must, however, demonstrate your relevant expertise for the position.

Highlight skills acquired online from your internship, individual projects, or volunteering experience in your resume. One of these skills might be what the employer will find of value to the company. You can also highlight work experience skills that make you suitable for the marketing role.

Be honest in your applications an free d interviews

Marketing is a practical career, and you will need to show results in your work. Avoid being dishonest in your job applications as it may cost you jobs, or your entire career. In your resume, do not include skills that you do not have as they might cost you.

In marketing, some interviews require candidates to demonstrate their skills, and solve a given problem. This is a way to prove they possess the skills indicated in their resume. Exhibit good confidence in executing all tasks as required but do not exaggerate your skills and give false information.

Closing remarks

As discussed in this article,you can venture into marketing and thrive, even without a marketing major. Get the required skills and practice your skills to the top of your marketing career.

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