How Much Does New Roofing Cost?

New Roofing Cost

Noticing some patchy spots in your roof? Water or bugs finding their way from up above? If it’s gotten that bad, you need a roof replacement.

Unsure how much new roofing costs? Several different factors go into how much a new roof costs. We’ll cover all these factors and what you need to know before replacing your roof.

Let’s dive in.

How Much Does New Roofing Cost?

A key consideration for Roofing costs is the location. Not where the roof is located on the home; hopefully, that’s self-explanatory. No, the cost varies based on where your home is located in the US.

For example, with homes costing more in places like California, the cost for roof and roof replacements are similarly more expensive. The national average for a roof replacement for a 1500 sq. foot home ranges from $4,000-$6,500.

Meanwhile, the average roof replacement across the country ranges from $5,000 to over $15,000.

California is on the high end of that spectrum, and these costs do include labor charges. Without labor charges, the cost of installing new roofing can be cut in half.

Removing the Old Roof

If you’re missing shingles, or there’s no roof left, best get working fast. For most, however, there should be a roof to tear off when you go to replace it.

Costs will vary depending on the size and difficulty of removing your old roof. Expect additional costs involved with this process, as it is labor-intensive.

The roof’s slope is important to consider here, as if the roof is too steep, it may require special construction tools to remove safely.

Materials: Different Types of Roofing

Additional types of roofing costs are based on the materials, as there are many types of roofs. An asphalt roof, by far the most common roof in America, is the cheapest option lasting anywhere from 10-20 years.

Wood shingles are among the higher end of the spectrum while only lasting a fraction of the time.

Metal and copper shingles have a wide range of longevity while similarly costing more than both wood and asphalt. Particularly moist or humid areas will require roof replacements sooner than later.

Clay and slate shingles are the most expensive materials commonly used in roofs. These roofs can last decades but require strong roofs and home foundations to maintain their hefty weight.

Additional Factors

Another consideration is installing new gutters. Most of the time, when you install a new roof, it’s smart to install new gutters as well. These costs are varied, but it’s reasonable to expect an additional $1000 charge.

Of course, the size of your roof is a major factor in the reroofing cost. Large homes with multiple angles and slopes are going to require more man-hours and materials to roof. Thus, the cost goes up.

The smaller your home, the easier it is to replace and repair.

Get Protected

Roofing costs vary from place to place. That doesn’t mean you should live without proper protection for your home! If you notice your shingles are damaged or missing, it might be time to get a new roof. THE BEST REVIEWED TOWSON MD HOME INSPECTORS help you to inspect your house for your safety.

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