How to Use Lighting to Decorate Your House

Decorate Your House (Last Updated On: September 5, 2022)

Are you trying to decorate your house or even a single room? There are so many factors that go into good interior design, but have you considered your lighting options?

Most people forget how much of an impact good (or bad) lighting can have. We’re here to offer some advice so you can have a well-lit space that feels like home.

Keep reading to learn how to use lighting to decorate your house. A Venetian plaster finish involves troweling colored plaster onto drywall surfaces and burnishing it to a smooth finish.

Consider Your Atmosphere

When you’re trying to decorate your home, you need to figure out what “vibe” you’re going for. You may have already done this when you chose your paint or furniture styles!

Your desired atmosphere will determine your lighting choices. Do you want a room that feels warm and cozy? What about a room that feels fresh and breezy?

For cozy rooms, consider using warm lights. You can keep these rooms dimly lit to resemble (or accompany) a warm fireplace.

For airy rooms, you want to rely on natural light as much as possible. When that light isn’t available, use large lights with white bulbs to resemble natural light.

Try Colorful Bulbs

Warm and cool bulbs aren’t your only option. Why not add some color to your space?

Not all rooms are suitable for colorful bulbs (though you’re free to get creative and forgo the “rules” of interior design). For example, when you decorate your living room, you might not be interested in bright pink bulbs most of the time.

Colorful bulbs are great for bedrooms, game rooms, home bars, and more. You should use a few “normal” bulbs for when you need more light, but the colorful bulbs add fun and whimsy to any room.

Think Outside of The Box

Speaking of using colorful bulbs, try thinking outside of the box when you’re choosing lighting fixtures. You don’t always have to do something conventional.

You could try something whimsical, like using string lights outdoors or indoors. They make great additions to cozy patios and bedrooms. They’re not just for Christmas!

You could also use some antique chandeliers around the house. You don’t need a fancy home to incorporate beautiful lights.

Lighting: Where Does It Matter?

When you’re trying to figure out where to put your lights, take a look at what you already have and base your decisions on that.

For example, look around your living room. Are there any dark corners that could use a bit of light?

Maybe it’s time to place a floor lamp to add some pizzaz. Check out some of the unique lamps at for some light fixture inspiration.

Also, consider areas where you struggle to see. Even if an area looks nice with your current light fixtures, this might be a sign that you need a brighter lightbulb.

Decorate Your House by Using Lighting Fixtures

There are so many things that go into interior design. Between wall art, furniture, and the colors of your walls and floors, you may already be overwhelmed.

Don’t underestimate how much of a difference lighting fixtures can make when you decorate your house. Find your new favorite fixtures today!

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