Learning The Meaning Of Median In Mathematics & Much More

Median In Mathematics

Mathematics is one subject that very few people willingly take up as the subject they want to invest their time and energy in. The reason is that it is full of perplexing concepts, formulae, procedures and problems. To be good at mathematics one needs to do mathematics otherwise, it is not one of those subjects that you can understand just by reading the theory related to the topics. Unless you sit with it daily and devote adequate time to it, mathematics can never be your buddy. However, it is said that mathematics is the cheapest science, all you need is a pen, paper and understanding. Since, besides numbers, equations, calculations or any algorithm mathematics is also about interest and understanding.

In this article, we are going to understand one topic of mathematics that is very often made a part of the main syllabus of all competitive exams. The topic is known as the median. This article is devoted to understanding the meaning, usage and application of the median in mathematics. Let’s begin by learning the definition.

What is the meaning of median?

The median can be understood as the middle number in a number sequence arranged in an ascending or descending order. The median is believed to give a better description of the number sequence than the average. The points given below will help you understand the meaning of median in a more comprehensive way. Therefore, read the points carefully.

  • As mentioned above the median is the middle number of any sequence of numbers arranged in either ascending or descending order.
  • Often it is seen that the median is used against the mean of a number when there are outliers in the sequence that are expected to skew the average of the values.
  • In case there is an odd amount of numbers, the median value is going to be that number that stands in the middle, having the same portion of numbers above and below.
  • In a case where there is an even amount of numbers in the number list, the middle pair is supposed to be determined, added jointly, and divided by two to figure out the median value.

What Is The Difference Between Mean, Median & Mode?

A mean is supposed to be an average of a number set. On the other hand, a mode is defined as the most common number in a number series. However, a median is understood as the middle number of a sequence of numbers.

What Are The Applications Of Median In Mathematics?

As you have come far enough reading the article you understand by now that median is used to find the middlemost data. It is used to decide a particular point from where 50% of the data is more & 50% of the data is less. However, it can only be used where disproportionate cases can be neglected.

For instance, the median can be used to analyze the performances of sportspersons. One can determine where their worst & best extreme performances can be neglected and consistent performance can be taken into consideration.

What Is The Application Of Median In Daily Life?

Median has significance even in our daily life too. For instance, suppose you have gone to watch a movie with your family members of different age groups. At the movie theater, you find three movies of different genres, now to be able to wisely decide which movies to watch, just find the middlemost age and go with the genre which is suitable according to the age. There are many more examples of such kinds.

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