Building a skincare routine

Building a skincare routine

Skincare is not an easy to understand domain. It is a science that needs to be given its due. You cannot just take a regimen off of the internet and start following it.

There are fundamental principles of the science of skincare that need to be followed, as the best Skin Specialist in Karachi will also tell you. Following these rules is then imperative to have a routine that is beneficial for your skin.

So, before finalizing a skincare routine, and investing time and resources into it, knowing what bases to cover to build a skincare regimen is important.

Principles to building a skincare routine

Understand your skin type

The first step that you need to take is to understand your skin type. The main categories include oily, dry, combination, and sensitive skin.

Oily skin has overactive sebaceous glands, due to which there is excess oil present on the skin. There is a higher risk of problems like acne, breakouts, and clogged pores with such a skin type.

Dry skin has the converse challenge; there is not enough moisture in the skin. There are dry patches on the skin, and the dryness can also lead to itching and irritation. It also makes putting on makeup more challenging.

Combination skin is one that is both oily and dry. Often, the T-zone is oily, and the rest of the skin is dry.

Sensitive skin is a more reactive skin type. It is harder to manage, as it is more delicate. Sensitive skin is more prone to irritation, inflammation, and redness.

Understanding what skin type category your skin falls into is important before you design a routine, as the challenges associated with each type is different.

Give the routine time to work

One of the common issues with a skincare routine is people are not consistent with it. Just because you have been doing something for a week or two does not mean that your skin will fix itself.

You must give your routine time to work. It may take months at a time for your skin to improve. Furthermore, some products have a subtler impact. Moreover, you must use the products with due diligence. If you see no progress, you can then change your routine accordingly then.

Follow the basic principles

You must follow the basic principles of the skincare regimen. Some products should only be used during the night, and others during the day.

Furthermore, there is an order to the application of the skincare products. First comes cleansing, then toning, after which are serums and other spot treatments, followed by a moisturizer. If it is daytime, then a sunscreen is the last product to go.

Your lifestyle choices matter, a lot

When you are working on improving your skincare, you must also pay attention to your lifestyle choices, as they inadvertently influence the health of your skin.

Therefore, unless you holistically work on improving your skin, only topical treatments will not suffice. So, eat a healthy and balanced diet, regularly exercise, moderate your stress levels, have good personal hygiene, try to sleep on time and get adequate shuteye, quit smoking if you do, and drink sufficient water.

Make the routine do-able

It might happen that in throes of passion; you overcommit and design a complicated skincare routine. Let’s be honest, not everything has time, energy, or money to invest in a twenty-step skincare ritual.

Such a complicated routine might cause you to become overwhelmed and quit altogether. It is also harder to execute if you are frequently traveling, are a new mom, etc.

Therefore, make sure that whatever you commit to suits your lifestyle and you can continue with it in the long run.

Invest in the right products

The quality of your products pays a key role. It is not just about the price, but knowing what ingredients to look for, what suit your skin, and what are not recommended is vital.

Consult a doctor along the way

If you have specific skin concerns or have skin problems, you should also consult the best Dermatologist in Islamabad along the way and curate a routine accordingly.

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