Understanding the science of sexual satisfaction


Sex is a subjective experience. It is higher contingent on factors that pertain to one’s experiences, desires, and perception. But there are still some fundamentals of sexual satisfaction.

Understanding these is important to not just dissect sex on a more fundamental and scientific level, but also to make requisite changes to your life and outlook then.

Fundamentals of sexual satisfaction

Your partner’s prowess matters

The burning question that occurs even before an attempt to understand the fundamentals of sex itself is if your partner’s prowess matters, and the short answer is, yes.

However, it does not mean one has to be an absolute god in bed. What matters is the quality of intimacy that you have with your partner. Problems could arise in cases where there is conflict, disregard for your needs and desires, and sexual dysfunction. For in case of dysfunction issues, a sexologist in Lahore can be of help.

Otherwise, you need to have the very important conversation with your partner about your relationship.

Male and female anatomical differences

There are differences in arousal, desire, and path to sexual satisfaction in men and women. These need to be understood for mutual pleasure.

In women, vaginal penetration alone is not sufficient; many require clitoral stimulation alongside as well. Similarly, women may also need more stimulation in the form of foreplay to be aroused. Likewise, men and women have different approaches to sex, that should then be accommodated.

Age, hormones, and the rest of the body

Sexual satisfaction is also contingent on your age; younger people tend to be more sexually active. With old age, changes with the bodily processes can lead to sexual dysfunction issues.

Similarly, hormones also have a role to play in sexual satisfaction and desire. Having low testosterone can cause problems in women. In women, the salient role is played by their menstrual cycle.

Your physical health matters

Your sexual health also affected by your physical health. People who are obese are more likely to run into problems pertaining to sex, as obesity affects hormones, can lead to sexual dysfunction, and it often is also accompanied with low self-esteem.

Similarly, hypertension and diabetes can also lead to issues with sexual function. Getting an injury to the groin or the spine can also pave way for issues with sex.

Women who have issues with their reproductive health like endometriosis or have had to undergo procedures like hysterectomy also experience changes in their sexual functioning.

In men as well, problems with reproductive health have a role to play in their sexual desire, performance, and arousal. Health issues like high blood pressure can cause issues like erectile dysfunction, a condition in which they are unable to have an erection or maintain one long enough for a satisfying sexual experience.

Hormonal birth control can have an impact on the sex life of women

It is also possible to have changes in sexual functioning due to the use of hormonal birth control. In some women, it can lead to lesser desire or dryness.

However, in some cases, not having the stress about getting pregnant can lead to improved desire and functioning then.

Your mental health matters

Since sex involves your emotions and has a psychological element, therefore, your mental health plays a pivotal role in your sexual satisfaction.

If you have problems with self-esteem and self-worth, chances are that you will run into greater problems. It is difficult for people with such issues to feel desirable, and they also then become inhabited as a result as well.

It is also more common to run into sexual dysfunction when experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety.

Furthermore, some mental health disorders like depression can also put a damper on desire. Treatment for several mental health problems can also have a grave impact on the sexual health and can also pave way for sexual dysfunction then. However, rather than disbanding the medication, you should consult a sexologist in Islamabad and seek their counsel over the matter.

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