Things to consider when getting a collar for bark control

bark collar in NZ


For many dog owners, getting a collar for barking is a great way to solve the problem of their pet’s excessive barking. However, finding one that works well and fits comfortably can be challenging. Here are some things to consider when looking for a bark collar in NZ:

Bark control collars have been a popular method of dog training for many years in New Zealand. They work by emitting a sound only the dog can hear, and when the dog barks, they are shocked. The idea is that after wearing one for a while, the dog will associate barking with receiving a shock and eventually stop it altogether.

The use of such has increased dramatically over the last decade in New Zealand. In 2011, only 1% of dogs used the same; in 2017, this number had risen to 12%. This increase is thought to be due to several factors:

  • -Dog owners are becoming more informed about these products via online resources and word-of-mouth,
  • -More products are being available on the market

Keep one that controls barking in check.

A dog’s barking device can be dangerous if misused. Many people think these devices will automatically make all dogs stop barking; however, this is rarely true.

Dog owners should also keep track of their pet’s behaviour when using these devices, so they know when it’s time to adjust the settings or put on another device altogether.

Choose one that has water resistance.

A water-resistant collar can be an essential safety feature if your dog loves to swim. If you live in a rainy climate or take frequent trips to the beach, this is something you should consider when choosing one for your pet.

Water resistance can come from several sources, such as waterproofing or water-repellent coatings. Many are made from solid and durable materials resistant to water damage, but some are not and should not be used in wet conditions.

Ensure it is safe for use by smaller dogs.

If you have a smaller dog, ensure the collar is adjustable. If it’s not flexible and your dog happens to be in between sizes, it can cause them discomfort or injury. It should also be tight enough so they don’t slip out of it but not too tight to choke them.

Consider how well it can be adjusted.

When choosing a bark collar in NZ, you should consider how this device can be adjusted. The ideal one will have a design that allows it to be adjusted based on your dog’s neck size and shape and how tightly it fits around its head. This ensures a comfortable fit for your pet and prevents discomfort or irritation during use.

Suppose you have multiple dogs in your home with varying sizes of necks and heads. In that case, this is especially important—a good elastic band or strip should stretch enough to accommodate them without causing skin irritation or suffering!

If not, then it might not be worth getting one at all; no one wants their beloved pooch looking sad because they haven’t been able to find something that fits appropriately on them yet again.

Check how easy it is to operate.

When you’re getting one, it’s essential to make sure that the one you get is easy to use. There are many different types on the market, and they can be used in different ways. It’s essential to check how easy it is to adjust one, put it on and off, charge it and clean it.


In conclusion, finding one that will be effective yet safe for your dog is crucial. With the tips provided in this article, you should be able to find the perfect one for your pet.

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