The Guide to Becoming a Great Basketball Shooter

Basketball Shooter

When you think of the greatest shooter basketball players of all time, you’ll probably think of Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. You might even think of Kobe Bryant or Steph Curry. But what about Steve Kerr? Or Kyle Korver? Or Klay Thompson?

These guys are known as great shooters in the NBA today, but they weren’t always that way. Most players who become good shooters didn’t start that way. They had to work hard over time to develop their skills and become the best at what they do—shooting.

The average basketball player can also become a great shooter with proper training and practice. In this article, we’ll talk about what it takes to be a great basketball shooter. We’ll also cover some essential equipment, like the shooting machine. Let’s go!

Mental Toughness as a Shooter

The first thing you need to be a good shooter is mental toughness. You’ll need the right mental attitude to repeatedly make it through shooting practice without getting frustrated or bored.

Some aspects of mental toughness include:


Confidence is a significant factor in being a good shooter. To have confidence, you must believe you can make the shot every time you shoot. It will show in your performance on the court if you doubt yourself.

Short Memory

Only focus on the shot at hand and forget about everything else. Don’t let a bad shot or missed opportunity affect your confidence or how you approach the next one.

Fight Through Fatigue

The best shooters can find the energy and focus to shoot even when tired. If your shots fall early in a game, don’t get complacent—keep up your intensity to continue scoring points.

You can train with a basketball machine to improve your shot. Basketball machines can provide a consistent target that moves at the same speed each time, allowing you to practice shooting in ideal conditions.

Basketball Shooting Fundamentals

There are several fundamentals of shooting that you should master. Focus on them; they’ll help your shot become more accurate and consistent. The fundamentals of a basketball shot include:

Shot Preparation

The first step to shooting a basketball is preparation. This includes setting your feet, holding the ball correctly, and using proper form to shoot. You can practice these fundamentals with the Gun 12K shooting machine by Shoot-A-Way, similar to the Dr. Dish basketball shooting machine.

Shooting the Ball

The next step is to shoot the ball. To do this, you must be able to shoot on target while maintaining proper form. You can practice this with a basketball shooting machine like the one by Dr. Dish.

When it comes time to shoot the ball, focus on shooting a flat shot that will go straight into the basket. Don’t bank it in or shoot too high off the backboard—that’ll make your shot less accurate and more difficult to control.

Follow Through

When shooting the ball, it’s essential to follow through. This will help ensure that your shot is accurate and goes in the direction you want. Focus on holding your follow-through until the ball goes into the basket; if you let go before, it can throw off your aim and make scoring more challenging.

Shot Selection

There are several ways to shoot the basketball, but only certain types of shots will help you score.

Let’s examine different aspects of shot selection.

Quality of Shot

When you’re on the court, taking a shot can be tempting. However, you should only attempt to make a basket if you have a good chance of scoring.

Trust Teammates

A good basketball player knows when to pass the ball, and a great one knows how and where to pass it. Make sure you pass to someone with an excellent shot before taking one yourself.

Heating Up

Playing basketball makes it easy to fall into a slump and miss many shots in a row. It would help if you focused on shooting at the hoop from different angles and distances to get out of this slump. This will help you break out of your rut and start scoring again.


Becoming a great basketball shooter is a mix of physical and mental training. Practice makes perfect, so you should work on your shooting skills. Remember to practice with the Gun 12K shooting machine. And although its price is higher than the Dr. Dish shooting machine price, it boasts the best shooting mechanics in the world. If you want to become a great shooter, then this machine is an investment worth making.

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