Shared Notes versus Private Notes

Shared Notes versus Private Notes (Last Updated On: September 22, 2022)

We need to make it simple for Private to keep focused in a gathering and eliminate the need to switch between tabs or devices to take notes. In addition, while note-taking is cooperative, more individuals can partake, making things more comprehensive.

Before your gathering begins, set a plan from your dashboard. At the point when you enter the gathering, your plan will pre-populate the Common Notes board. Shared Notes have a light foundation.

Any Work area Part welcomes to the gathering can add to and alter the Common Notes. In the event that you are meeting with Visitors, they’ll approach Shared Notes as a matter of course, yet you can decide to switch off their entrance before the gathering starts. Notes are open inside the On-Request Recording after your gathering closes.

Entering the “/” key on your console opens up significant rundown-taking choices. This permits you to organize your notes, and allocate things to do.

As you take notes during the gathering, each line of notes is time-stepped. To see the time stamps, basically, float over the text. You can tap on the time stamp to leap to that piece of the record to acquire the setting. This is particularly useful sometime later while attempting to track down a vital second to rewatch (an option is to.

You can flip the Notes board open and shut by tapping on the Notes symbol in the base right corner of your screen. This is what the Vowel meeting resembles with the Notes board shut. On the off chance that your gathering begins without a plan, you will be given a rundown of layout choices for your in-meeting notes or you can essentially start composing.

On the off chance that your gathering begins without a plan, you will be given a rundown of layout choices for your in-meeting notes or you can essentially start composing.

To change to private note, click on the camouflage symbol at the highest point of the Notes board. Private Notes are effectively recognizable from Shared Notes since they are named “Private Notes” in the upper left of the notes board and have a dull dark foundation.

Like Shared Notes, you will be given a rundown of layout choices for your notes or you can just start composing. No other person can see your Private Notes during or after the gathering.

Private Notes have both interior and outside gathering use cases.

Assuming you are meeting with outer accomplices or clients and need to take notes that they can’t see, utilize Private Notes. In this situation, you can likewise utilize Private Notes to guarantee you ask all the right revelation inquiries or hit all your arguments.

During inner introductions, it tends to be useful to utilize privenote to write down questions or thoughts to hold until time for a question and answer session.

A power move is to utilize the Lift Hand element and Private Notes to record the question…so you remember it when it’s your chance in the line.

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