Pros & Cons Using Beach as a safety Playground Surface


Playground Beach 

 Playground beach brings a natural esthetic frequently associated with fond nonage recollections. It’s smooth and soft to the touch. We all have a general sense of what beach is( a loose grainy substance or deposition, generally pale unheroic or brown). It’s generally produced by the corrosion or riding of jewels and minerals. The composition of beach can vary grounded on original gemstone sources and conditions, making a range of colors like pale unheroic, brown, white, black, green, and indeed pink. 

  • Safety and Availability of Beach 
  • Cost of Beach 
  • Quality and conservation of Beach 
  • Installation of Beach 
  • 안전놀이터 and Availability of Beach as a Playground Surface 


 Beach is supposed an applicable face for playgrounds by the American Society of Testing and Accoutrements( ASTM) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission( CPSC) if you have enough depth. How deep does the beach need to be? It really comes down to fall height conditions and the consistence of the beach. CPSC says that beach should be 9 elevation deep for a fall height of 4 bases. 

 With safety in mind, manufacturers of playground beach submit the beach to colorful measures to cover children’s weal. First, they wash the playground beach to remove unwanted debris, bacteria, or other minerals. 

 The beach is also water pressurized to round out and smoothen any larger, sharp patches. also it’s submitted to a sieve analysis to estimate and assess flyspeck size distribution. Beach does n’t fluently support microbial growth, making one lower thing to worry about. 

Playground Sand Safety 

 Playground beach has to be deep enough in order to buffer cascade. The Consumer Product Safety Commission( CPSC) says that beach should be 9 elevation deep for a fall height of 4 bases. 


 Beach is one of the lower effective accoutrements regarding impact immersion.You ’ll need further of it to achieve safety conditions. To insure beach offers proper fall protection for children, the National Safety Council( NSC) recommends maintaining a 12- inch depth in areas where outfit requires a six- bottom drop or fall zone. The NSC and CPSC( as mentioned over) requires a 9- inch depth in areas with a four- bottom fall height. That’s a lot of beach. 

 Beach also does n’t meet the Americans with Disabilities Act’s availability norms, so you ca n’t use beach to have an ADA 안전놀이터

 It can be delicate for people with disabilities to navigate, particularly wheelchairs.  One of the biggest troubles of beach if you ’re not careful about what type of beach you choose for your playground is the possible presence of asbestos and silica. Silica can beget asthma and inflammation of the lungs, where asbestos filaments can beget cancer. 

 Cost of Beach as Playground Flooring 

 Beach is a fairly affordable option up front, still it does bear ongoing relief and refill costs. 


 Beach is one of the cheapest options for playground shells. Beach generally costs$1.50 to$3.00 per square bottom and you can generally find bulk play beach available at a original tackle store or landscaping company. 

 At$2.00 per square bottom, a,500 square bottom playground could bring about$,000 for beach. Hiring a professional installer will be an added cost, but it should take lower than a full day to install the beach. While you can conclude to install it yourself, you do n’t get the work guarantee that comes with a pro. 


 The continuance cost of beach can start to add up.  You ’ll need to replace the beach once a time, especially in high- business areas. 

 still, anticipate to pay to cache at least 25 of the beach each time, or about$ 1, If you want to keep your playground beach clean and play-ready. Quality and conservation of Beach as a Playground Surface . Foreign objects, weeds, bugs, and other misc. sharp objects can make beach delicate to maintain for playgrounds. 


 Unfortunately, when it comes to out-of-door playground flooring, the quality and conservation of beach do n’t contain veritably numerous cons other than to say that it can be cheap to replace. 


  • Beach can be enough grueling to maintain. 
  • It attracts beast waste and insects. 
  • Lawn and weeds can start growing through it, especially on lower- used areas of the playground. 
  • Beach is also messy and fluently tracked indoors on clothes, hair, and shoes. 
  • You should replace the beach every time or further constantly if necessary. 

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