Men Suit Styles that are in trend this season

Men Suit

Suits are the most classic and vintage piece of garment in men’s wardrobe. It is formal, dressy and makes you look instantly confident and put together. They are the most style-forward and universally accepted garment and can be worn on any formal occasion such as weddings, meetings, formal gatherings etc. While the black suit is the most dapper and tried and tested garment that will make you look good in any event, you can also play with other colours as well. Here are a few styles we have curated for you.

Slim Fit

Men suits come in different styles and colours. It all depends upon the cut and the fabric. A lousy stitched suit with low-quality fabric can kill your whole look. So make sure you’re opting for a well-tailored one. A slim fit cut can make you look slim, toned and trimmed. It is a bit fitted on the wait and the trouser style is a straight slim-fit one. It makes you look stylish and contoured. Go for a three-piece suit and you will have the look for the upcoming wedding season. Rici Melion has the best collection of slim-fit ones.


While a slim fit may make you look slimming and fashion-forward but it is a bit risqué because of the tailoring and fitting. A classic cut is your best friend if you don’t want to go out of your comfort zone and it is perfect for meetings and daily office wear. A classic cut doesn’t mean you can play with colours or patterns. We are loving the chequered patter business styled ones. Most importantly they are comfortable and easy to carry. You can pair them with loafers and put on little accessories to add a little personality.


Suits are the ultimate choice for any event, as they make you look dapper and put together. Make sure your pant coat is tailored right. There are various cuts you can go for such as Italian, British, and American. You can also play with a little bit of splash of colour, such as apart from a black pant coat for men a navy blue suit looks nice when paired with a white or black dress shirt. There are also single-breasted and double-breasted ones. Buttons are also one of the most important details of the suit and can make a huge difference.


Tuxedos are also popular and extravagant styles of pant coats. They are the best option for black tie events and when styled right it can instantly make you look stylish and fashion-forward. The difference is that in a tuxedo instead of a tie there is a bow tie, which looks extremely vintage yet fashion-forward. Tuxedos were big in the 70s but are still in trend and we are here for it.

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