Living room carpet ideas- xx luxurious ways to style carpets in the living room

Carpets for Living Room

The living room is one of the favourite places for most of us since it is the place where we spend time with our loved ones and have fun all together. While building a new house, as we all have plans for our personal room, we also tend to have some beautiful plans for our living room. As we enjoy ourselves with our loved ones, it is also the first place our guests will have a look at. So, it’s important to keep them new, well-polished, with the best styling sofas and carpets.

As much as colour and designs it is important to check the accessories or essentials we put-in in our living area. Sofas are soo much trending today, and unique designs are launched every single day by many different brands. So, make sure to match the sofa according to the wall colour, so that the theme looks good or gets matched well with each other. Also, the rugs and carpets are also something that will be occupying most of our floors. So, get the perfect rug for your space according to your preferences or themes that are set.

If you are looking for Carpets for Living Room, then check the below to get an idea of how to add them to your living space or home:


One of the most beautiful rugs that you can add to your living area. This is a perfect rug for your home if there is a blue or grey-coloured theme. The advantage of choosing this rug is that it will match almost all the space even if there are specific theme structures. It has a wooden kind of material which is available in a height of 12 to 15mm. There are two different sizes available, one is 8*10 and the other is about 9*12.

The design is been inspired by the different terrains of the earth space. The yarns used are New Zealand Wool and Bamboo Silk. There are also different other collections available which include different shapes available. There is even an option to add vetro powder nano-coating which helps in protecting your rug from any kind of spills and strains.


Marraine theme generally includes sea blue kind of colour used in the rug. This is one of the most beautiful rugs that you can add to your living area. It has a hand-knotted kind of weaving used in the rug, which is made of two materials combined namely woollen and bamboo kind of silk. The height of the rug ranges around 8mm to 10mm which will be perfect for small and medium-sized living rooms. You can get them in different sized which is about 10 inches to 11 inches.

There are water babies available, and this kind of marraine rug is one of the best gift options. If you are looking for perfect rug for your blue-themed house, then this will be a perfect choice. Handcrafted rugs are so special because of the time it takes to weave. They are always special considering the density of knots used, and at the same time, they can last for decades when maintained properly.


When you like vivid kind of textures and designs, then this tropical rug is the right choice to go with. One of the great option to go with when you are confused with the collections available. It will match almost all kinds of themes, and at the same time no theme home as well.

The rugs are made with a combination of wood and Tencel; They last height up to 12mm to 15mm. The rug is a hand-tufted rug, which makes its appearance special and beautiful. If you are looking for an affordable option, then this tropical rug is a perfect choice.

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