Lenskart: A Revolution In Eyewear Industry

Lenskart (Last Updated On: November 18, 2022)

Lenskart is an Indian company and Peyush Bansal launched lenskart in 2010 later Amit Chaudhary and Sumeet Kapahi also joined. His vision was that every eyewear should make you fashionable alongside dealing with eye problems. Peyush Bansal has revolutionized the eyewear industry with technology. It is said that technology can make everything easy, and Lenskart AI is a live example. It will help you find the perfect eyewear to suit your face and enhance your look. Lenskart became a multinational brand in 2020, and they have also launched in Dubai and UAE. Lenskart UAE and Lenskart in Dubai were launched in dec 2021.

What is Lenskart?

Lenskart is an Indian multinational prescription eyewear retail company. Lenskart has more than 1000 physical stores worldwide, and Lenskart also provides you with online shopping via its website and app. Lenskart operates its physical store in different countries like Lenskart Singapore, Lenskart UAE, Lenskart USA, and Lenskart in Dubai. Lenskart makes everything easy for people with its cutting-edge technology, providing 3-D virtual try-on service and online checkups. People can leverage technology while sitting on the couch. Lenskart also has unicorn status after raising a round from SoftBank in 2019.

About the Lenskart Physical Store

Lenskart started its business as a contact lens and was an online portal. But with eyewear, having only an online portal can harm the business. Building trust with customers in the eyewear industry is difficult because everyone has different problems and needs different types of lenses and frames. We can order eyewear for style but can only order with trust when it becomes necessary for us. Lenskart has launched the physical store so we can experience the product ourselves.

Even though the Lenskart website or app is enough for buying a product, still, a physical store gives us the flexibility to experience the product before buying eyewear. More than 1100 physical stores are running actively across the world, according to its website, and Lenskart UAE and Lenskart in Dubai is the latest edition to cover the middle east region. Peyush Bansal saw the market potential and millennials’ needs, and he launched Lenskart in December 2021.

Lenskart Technology

Technology has become this generation’s go-to solution, and Lenskart has used the technology with both hands. First, let us start with its app. Who wants to go out and hunt for a shop? And another problem comes after it. They have an app and website where you can go and search for a frame, lenses, and other features. Now come to the next point, they have provided a 3-D try-on service. Even if you want to go to the physical store of Lenskart, you can try eyewear virtually, and Lenskart AI will suggest the best fit for your face. You can buy the same eyewear from the physical store or the app. And the latest technology is that people don’t need to go outside or anywhere they can check their eyes at home.

This service is for all people with or without eye problems. Go to the Lenskart app or website, search for availability, and order the home checkup. Opticians will visit home with more than 100 types of latest frames, and people can choose anyone from them. Lenskart will deliver lenses to your home. It’ll not even be heavy for the wallet to pay the RS/- 100 as a convenience fee. Lenskart UAE and Lenskart in Dubai have yet to launch the visit your home service, but you can leverage the other services.

How Lenskart Business Works

Lenskart started its business as an online seller of contact lenses, but they have added and launched too many things because Lenskart in 2022 is different from Lenskart in 2010. Lenskart sells eyewear, but it is not only an eyewear company. Lenskart is a prescription-based eyewear retail chain with more than 5000 eyewear available, which is five times more than any other retailer. Its business model types are:

  • Inventory Type Business Model

Lenskart manages everything from sending product design to the manufacturer to the supply chain, which helps Lenskart keep the cost of the product under the budget. Lenskart has presented more than 5000 eyewear products, and they keep innovating the product. And they do not only innovate the product and care for the quality and durability of the product. Technology that makes Leskart different from others is robotics technology and 3-D try-on services.

  • Omni-Channel Business model

As per this business model, Lenskart offers both online and offline services. Lenskart started as an online business, and with more than 1100 physical stores, they have also established itself in the offline industry. Starting an offline store gives customers hands-on experience and earns their trust. Customers trust brands, even more when they touch and feel the products.


Lenskart is an eyewear company that disrupts the eyewear industry with its technology and great vision. They also have more than 1100 physical stores worldwide, including Lenskart UAE and Lenskart in Dubai. They offer flexibility for people who can visit the store for eyewear or order online, and choosing a suitable frame is not difficult. Go to the Lenskart website, try 3-D try-on service, and get a perfect fit from the physical store or website. Lenskart has many stores outside India, like the USA, Singapore, UAE, and Dubai. You can find perfect eyewear from Lenskart from sitting on your couch. Order from the Lenskart website or go to the physical store.

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