How to perfectly illuminate and display your collectibles?

Wall lights

Collectibles, no matter what kind, bring an intriguing touch to your decor. Collectibles are capable of adding interest and personality to your living space, and they bring a distinct flavour to the place they adorn. The world has witnessed many collectibles but the most common categories include antiques, action figures, toys, stamps, coins and comic books. Collectors usually take a lot of time to build their collection, and once it is ready, it is meant to be highlighted as it is sheer brilliance lying in your home. If displayed in a proper manner, collectibles can lend an unparalleled stroke of opulence to your home.

When you choose to display your collection, it is important to put it in a place where it does not face any potential danger. And displaying collectibles in nothing short of art. Collectibles need to be displayed gorgeously and illuminated equally well so that you or anybody can feast their eyes on the marvellous collection. Be it a pedestal with smart lighting or a classic glass door cabinet with accent lighting, there are many ways you can bring the best out of your collection. Now, take a look at everything we have for you and light up your collectibles like never before.

Background lighting

Illuminating the background of your collectibles is probably the most important thing to start with as it adds a dramatic effect to your entire collection. You can either go with uplights, downlights or LED strips to create the effect. Make sure that you don’t let the background lighting overshadow your collectibles as it can sometimes get too intense depending on the area of your cabinet or any other storage unit. Finding a cabinet with 4 or 5 slabs is common now, so you can either choose to light up each slab or just place a common lighting fixture on the top. A backlit panel can do the job for you too.

Felicitous accent lighting

While the background is now taken care of, start with the next most important part which is highlighting the collectibles themselves. The most sought-after lighting fixture that can do the job for you is track lighting. Track lighting has its way of beautifully illuminating every bit of whatever lies before it. And the best part? Track lighting is very versatile and you can customise the lighting just the way you want it. Wall lights are perfect too if you are planning to highlight something one-dimensional, like stamps or comic books. For action figures or antiques, you need a 360-degree approach and consider going with track lighting only or profile lights too.

Consider joinery lighting

If you are going to use multiple shelves, then definitely consider going with joinery lighting as it can add dimension to your collectible space. A rule of thumb for joinery lighting is to consider each shelf as a window and try to give every part of it perfect illumination. Concealed LED strips would work out perfectly if you give it a try.

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