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desk exercises

Most of us are tied to our desks. Whether it be work at the office or working from home, most jobs heavily rely on computers. And while work is important, being sedentary and using screen is not conducive to health.

When you are sitting for long stretches of time, you have a higher risk of health issues like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, etc. as well. People who are sedentary also have a higher risk of death as well.

Moreover, when you are inactive, your bones also become weaker. It also makes you then susceptible to injuries as well, meriting then the intervention of the Best Orthopedic doctor in Lahore.

Furthermore, craning the neck, and sitting in a bad posture also then leads to neck and back aches as well.

Benefits of doing desk exercises

A very quick solution to avoiding being sedentary despite your desk job is by doing desk exercises. These easy to do exercises offer great health benefits. Some benefits to note include:

Prevents pain: Alongside introducing activity in your schedule and breaking the continuous sitting cycle, these exercise help in preventing aches and pains.

Averts risks: These exercises also help in averting the risks associated with sedentary lifestyle.

Good for health: Desk exercises are also good for the health. They help in improved metabolism, better mood, efficient blood circulation, greater focus, and attention.

Improves productivity: Another benefit of desk exercises is that they help in improving efficiency and productivity as well.

Desk exercises to try

Desk pushups

A great exercise for your entire body is the desk pushup. These help in challenging your muscles, so you get a good workout.

To do these, move your chair away, and stand arm-width away from your desk. The, lower yourself towards the desk, keeping your hands firmly placed on the desk. Continue the motion of moving towards and away from desk, leveraging your arms during the process.

Head nods

Long hours spend hunched over the screen or the paper can cause the neck and shoulders to become stiff. Head nods aid in improving the symptoms of stiffness.

This exercise entails moving the head in all direction; left, right, back and front. It also then helps with the range of motion as well.

Marching in-place

Marching in place helps you get the benefits of walking, which otherwise might not be possible for you to do. Marching in place also is a low impact exercise that can help in getting your heart rate up.

To do this, simple stand in a comfortable spot. Start to raise your knees, alternating as if you are marching. You can also alter the tempo as per your convenience.

Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks are a form of cardio. They help in moving your entire body. By improving the blood flow, it also helps in improving focus as well. You can also do modified jumping jacks, that involve moving your arms as you would, but instead of jumping, do a side-step.

Shoulder rolls

Anther exercise that targets the muscles of your shoulders and neck are the shoulder rolls. These stretches aid in relaxing the muscles.

To do shoulder rolls, simple relax your posture. Then, roll your shoulders forwards a few times, and then backwards.


Squats help in engaging your glutes, core and back. They are good for improving your lower body strength. You can also vary the degree of difficulty as well.

Simply, stand with your legs shoulder width apart. Then, lower your body down as if you are going to sit. Make sure to involve your core and keep your chin upright. Repeat as necessary.

Word of caution

If you have any health conditions, you should first seek the counsel of your doctor, ideally. Moreover, it is important that you listen to your body during the process; there is a difference between overstretching yourself and challenging yourself. If you do sustain an injury during exercise, it is best to consult Orthopedic Surgeon in Rawalpindi to rule out any serious problem.

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