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There are several ways to consume weed. Since weeds are highly beneficial people look for easier ways to consume them. They are sold as a topical solution, edibles, tablets, and other products for easy consumption.

Using Cannabis in different ways offers different benefits. Therefore, it is important to know your options before you use them.

No matter for recreational or medical use, consumers constantly look for new ways to use them. Here are basic details of marijuana and ways to consume it.


Cannabis plants have two subsets. The first is one with psychoactive effects and it gets you high. Scientific studies have been done that led FDA to understand the benefits of marijuana and approve some chemical sprays and pills consisting of CBD or THC.


The second subset is if the marijuana plant is hemp. It has low doses of THC and it doesn’t produce an intoxicating effect like marijuana. But both hemp and Marijuana contain terpenes and Cannabinoids.

Two important Cannabinoid in these plants is cannabidiol and Tetrahydrocannabinol. Marijuana is highly sought for its THC content.


THC is a type of Cannabinoid it is known to cause “high” when consumed. Tetrahydrocannabinol gets a person high by activating the endocannabinoid system in a person’s body.

The endocannabinoid system has Cb1 and cb2 receptors located in CNS and across the body. The receptors alter signaling pathways of the brain and influences Appetite, concentration, etc.

THC can bind to cb1 which is responsible for cognitive functioning like the formation of memories, attention span, and coordination movement. It is also responsible for the rewards system and surges dopamine levels while decreasing nausea, pain, and more.

Ways to use Cannabis-

1. Pills or capsules-

These are also called canonicals and it is a popular way of ingesting weed. THC pills consist of marijuana suspended in oil. The benefit of using capsules is it helps people with respiratory problems. Also, it gives accurate dosage to the body and can use multiple illnesses

One drawback of using pills is that they can interfere with the digestive mechanism of the body.  One can also make canonicals by placing concentrate into the capsules, add drops of coconut oil and lecithin with the Cannabis as it will help in absorption.


  • Pills offer an accurate dose of THC and are safe than smoking.
  • No smell, no smoke and are discreet.
  • Can treat various ailments when combined with ingredients like B12 or melatonin for sleep.
  • Pills Have a long-lasting effect.
  • Also, people who are taking other medicines as pills can include these pills in their medication.

2. Edibles-

Edibles are a kind of weed-infused food material that is ingested through the mouth. They are a popular form of weeds and have accurate doses. Like the one square of chocolate will have a specific amount of THC in it and users should read dosage details before consuming edibles.

The edibles sold in the market are- chocolate, chip, cookies, gummies, candies, etc. These are infused with Cannabis but taste like normal chocolate or candies. They won’t develop an effect or get you high instantly but shows effect in 30 minutes or 1 hour.


  • Edibles are consumable and have no respiratory risks.
  • Edibles when consumed show a long-lasting effect.
  • Edibles taste good and so it hides the taste of cannabis.
  • It Can be taken with food items.

3. Flowers-

Flowers are harvested from the Cannabis plant during certain harvesting seasons. They offer a traditional way of consuming the weed. The flowers are dried and crushed to be used to smoke weed using joints or with pipes.

This is still a common way of using weed but it is riskier as can cause lung problems and smell can be detected. The consumers can be caught easily. Using flowers through smoke will get its content absorbed directly in the bloodstream hence shows a faster effect.


  • Flowers are easy to smoke
  • Using this method can show instant effects
  • Offers lots of benefits like instant pain relief, etc

One drawback is that this way of consuming weed requires you extra equipment like bongs, pipes, etc.

4. Topicals-

These are nothing but weeds in the form of cosmetics like cream, lip balm, lotions, and other products. They are applied on the skin in a part where you wish to see its effect. Applying cannabis-infused topicals will not get you high so they are beneficial for those who don’t want to get high.


  • It can be used to treat joint pain or, skin problems
  • Do not get your high
  • Long-lasting effect and relieves pain.
  • Can be used for localized effect.

5. Vape oils/ oils-

CBD oils are the most famous types of way to consume cannabis. The CBD oils contain CBD hence they don’t produce psychoactive effects. They are thus legal to use in some countries. CBD oil is consumed in two different ways one- in drops under the tongue and second as vape oil (vapes via vape kit).

The users can also use CBD oil by adding few drops to the food. It is the most effective form of cannabis and is absorbed easily into blood vessels. Therefore, produces the maximum effects and easy dosage.


  • Easy consumption via the mouth
  • Shows maximum effect and offer a proper dose
  • Shows instant pain relief

These are the different ways of using cannabis/ marijuana. Consumers can rely on one or the other method to get different benefits from the use of marijuana. Using marijuana can treat arthritis, chronic inflammation, cancer symptoms, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, etc as revealed in various studies.


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