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Bundling up TV and Internet packages is a normal practice these days. Subscribers tend to bundle up different services from the same provider to enjoy maximum savings and benefits. Do you ever wonder if you can make more savings by quitting your TV package? Sound silly? But trust us, it is doable. Because your internet package or plan can solely meet your entertainment needs, without taking extra bucks from your pocket.

How? There are many streaming services which are providing you access to live sports and TV content through your internet connection. However, some of these streaming services may charge you a monthly fee that is, however, significantly lower than any basic cable TV package. Whereas, other streaming apps are offering this facility to subscribers for free.

If you are looking for the best streaming services, you have landed on the right blog. In this blog, we have shared the best streaming services which are offering the greatest entertainment to customers across the country. Want to explore those streaming services?

So, let’s start discovering the five best streaming services for enjoying live sports and TV without wasting anymore time.

Five Best Live TV Streaming Services for 2022



Philo is one of the best live TV streaming services that provide a combination of channels related to lifestyle and entertainment genres. You can enjoy all the channels available on this streaming service at an exceptionally affordable price.

Drawbacks of Philo

This streaming service has a small lineup of news channels and does not have any channel featuring sports content.



Many of us refer to this streaming service as one of the platforms where you can access on-demand classic and latest TV shows. However, Hulu is also among the best performing live TV streaming service provider that offer impressively entertaining content to subscribers.

Best about Hulu

This streaming service features almost every key entertainment, news, and sports channels. Plus, it has an incredible DVR competency that has turned into a ruling streaming service across the live TV streaming service providing industry.



If you are a sports junkie, but need a good quality live TV service to meet the entertainment and news channels needs of your family, then fuboTV is the right fit for you. Why? Because the streaming service is offering a lineup of channels and networks including news, sports, and entertainment that appeal to almost every genre of watchers at your home.

YouTube TV


Who doesn’t know about YouTube? Obviously all of us are fully aware of this amazing and cheap entertainment-filled streaming service. It is a one-window solution for accessing every type of entertaining content.

Best about YouTube

YouTube TV is offering an incredible range of channels and networks, great performance, and high-end DVR features. This TV streaming platform is the perfect solution for cord-cutters. And it can contribute significantly to replicating your cable TV experience easily. Especially if you are not in the mood to bear huge monthly cable TV costs, YouTube TV is the streaming service you need.

Sling TV


If you are looking for a flexible and reliable live TV streaming service, then Sling TV is what you need. Why? Because Sling TV is one of the most reliable and credible live TV streaming services that offer great channels flexibility to its subscribers.

Drawbacks of Sling TV Service

Unfortunately, this highly flexible live TV streaming service does not offer access to a few local channels which is quite discouraging for viewers who prefer to watch local networks. Also, the streaming service has a couple of interfaces and features which are not as sophisticated to its competitors in the market.

Five Best Sports Streaming Services for 2022



It is one of the top-listed sports streaming services in 2022. Peacock however is expanding at a slow pace to provide its subscriber sports coverage in its premium tier. But it is a platform where you can stream a considerable number of matches from sports events including Premier League, WWE content, and IndyCar coverage.

Amazon Prime Video


Amazon Prime Video also allows subscribers to watch the live sports event. This live sports streaming service is providing an extended list of various sports-focused add-on shows and channels.

Drawbacks of Amazon Prime Video Service

However, the streaming service does not have a good amount of live sports content for viewers. And has more coverage specifically for Thursday Night Football games.



This live sports streaming service offers reliable coverage for its MMA and boxing fan subscribers who want to stream such events without paying PPV fees.

Drawbacks of Dazn

Unfortunately, this reliable MMA and Boxing events streaming service does not hold much to serve general audiences and the mainstream sports junkies which is quite disappointing.



Paramount+ is another premium quality live sports streaming service that provides subscribers to access almost every sports event airing on national or local CBS stations. However, for having such luxury, you need to subscribe to Paramount+ ad-free tier.

Best about Paramount+

This live sports streaming service allows you to stream live mega sports events including NCAA basketball matchups, PGA Tour events, and NFL games.

DirecTV Stream


AT&T TV has added a variety of famous sports networks along with the RSNs so its subscribers can stream sports events live without any issue.

Drawbacks of DirectTV Stream

Despite having variants of famous and in-demand sports networks, this live sports streaming service requires you to bear top-dollar costs, which is quite pricy for many subscribers.

Best about DirectTV Stream

DirectTV Stream is allowing its subscriber to enjoy some amazing playback features including the ability to rewind and restart live sports events which are truly awesome.

In a Nut Shell

Since the core objective for switching to streaming services for watching live TV and sports content is to make an optimal savings. But subscribing to streaming services that are offering solely either the TV or sports channels or network still puts a strain on the pocket of many subscribers.

Therefore, we would like to advise you to choose streaming services that allow you to stream live TV and sports events simultaneously by paying a single fee. You can check out streaming channels such as Hulu, YouTube, fuboTV, and many others to get the perfect one window solution for meeting entertainment and sports events streaming needs.

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