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Microsoft reconsiders its decision to remove the Hot Reload code editing feature in its upcoming .NET 6 SDK, after backlash from the open source community (Tom Warren / The Verge)

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Spot AI, which creates software that can “read” footage and make it searchable, raises $ 22 million, including a $ 20 million Series A run by Redpoint Ventures (Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch)


Netflix announces four comedy specials to be hosted and produced by Dave Chappelle; the comedian’s last special led to Netflix employee protests (James Hibberd/The Hollywood Reporter)

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Plaid is acquiring Cognito, which offers identity verification and compliance services to financial firms, a source says, for about $250 million in cash and stock (Alex Wilhelm/TechCrunch)

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Epic has filed an appeal against Friday’s ruling in its lawsuit against Apple in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (Kim Lyons / The Verge)

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Bengaluru-based Pocket FM, which offers 100K+ hours of audio series, stories, novels, podcasts, and knowledge shows in eight languages, raises a $65M Series C (The Economic Times)

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ByteDance launches Douyin Box, a fashion-focused shopping app in China, similar to its Fanno app in Europe, betting on Gen Z’s tendency to buy on influencer advice (Coco Feng / South China Morning Post)

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AI language models like GPT-3 can achieve up to 97% accuracy on some Winograd schematics, but understanding language isn’t the same as understanding the world (Melanie Mitchell / Quanta Magazine)

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A look at the lawsuit against Kosta Elefteriou’s FlickType app for Apple Watch which he claims Apple offered to buy, as Apple unveils its own swipe keyboard (Sean Hollister / The Verge)

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As pandemic and chip shortages delay equipment upgrades, some fear emergency alert services will work if AT&T phase out 3G in February 2022 as planned (Steve Lohr / New York Times)