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You’ve reached another milestone in your relationship and it’s time for a celebration! The perfect gift for her to show how much you appreciate the ups, as well as the downs, is better said through creating special memories that only the two of you will share and treasure. Showing her what she’s worth by giving her priceless moments will always be the best gift of all, and she’ll remember why she chose you to spend her time with above all others. You being here already shows the thought and consideration that she values most. Now let’s inspire you to give the best gift she’ll love the most with five ideas that make this anniversary one she won’t forget.

1. Dinner for Two

Although it may seem obvious, an intimate dinner for two doesn’t have to be generic. You can make it a unique experience all your own and cater to her needs and desires. Setting the right atmosphere with a well-thought-out menu allows private conversation and flirtatious moments that focus your attention solely on her.

Consider your space and create it just for her. Are you on the beach cozied up on a blanket? Are you on your living room carpet in front of the fireplace? Maybe you’re in the bed of your truck underneath the stars. Once you know where you plan on sweeping her off her feet, certain props like flowers from Venus Et Fleur can let you design the perfect arrangement that best compliments the evening you have prepared. Choose her favorite color and sprinkle the petals or select the best packaging fit for your destination. Enhance the traditional gift of flowers by presenting a design you selected yourself. She’ll appreciate the extra thought you put into your centerpiece.

Wine & dine her. Bev sparkling wine is made by women for women and comes in a collection of flavors and colors that will fit perfectly in your picnic basket for a humid evening by the oceanside. Taking the time to consider a company that supports women is considering her as well. Letting her get in touch with her feminine side on a date you designed shows her where your attention is for the night, and spirits will warm the both of you up for the meal you planned.

Appetizers are just as important as the refreshments. Finger foods are the best to provide so you can casually kiss her fingertips as you feed one another Imperia Caviar. You want to provide expensive taste on the menu since this is a momentous occasion. Let her feel the special occasion with luxury items to nibble on before the dessert to come.

Chocolate boxes are a must alongside the original flowers you selected. Chocolate is an aphrodisiac, a mood enhancer, an antioxidant, and a girl’s best friend. Choose the kind of packaging that is customized and arranged with her favorite selections. Allow the sweetness to drip and melt across her lips and fingertips so you can help her with intentional kisses that make her feel like all eyes are and will always be only on her. You’ve made the night about the two of you with all of these gifts leading up to where your relationship goes from here.

2. Treat Her to an At-Home Spa

Be her masseuse! She will love a night of feeling like your queen, pampered and placed on her private pedestal. Giving her the gift of attention is something you should practice for any special occasion. If this is your first time, there are only a few essential items that she will appreciate that can maximize your experience together.

As mentioned before, setting the mood and creating an environment that’s perfect for the two of you to focus on one another is crucial. The perfect flowers, chocolate, and candles will only show her that you took the time and energy she deserves. You’ll want the candles to smell and reflect the romance you intend on showering her with, and crystal candles can project the exact energy you wish to flow into the air. Maybe crystal healing isn’t your thing, but it’s something she will appreciate you trying. It’s the little extra touches that you place around her spa treatment she will notice and love.

Get her ready for her massage with her loving partner. You don’t have to be a professional, so don’t be nervous. You just have to have the loving touch she’s already familiar with, but using the Bubbly Belle essential oil collection as a gift for her private session will rub her the right way; thoughtfully. Essential oils possess the same simulations that candles, flowers, and crystals can. Certain smells cause certain moods, so allowing her to choose the way she wishes to feel with whatever oils are going to penetrate her skin is going to build that deeper trust and connection between you both.

3. The Gift of Saving Time & Stress

Only you know your special someone best. Find whatever stresses her out, and purchase the kind of subscription that takes the pressure off her mind and puts her in a state of comfort. Maybe she’s fussy over her makeup. Maybe she’s too busy to keep finding new recipes or too busy to bother meal prepping, and you too can’t provide her the time she deserves for constantly cooking every night you ought to be snuggling instead.

JOW will personalize your grocery cart according to your diet and lifestyle and can have your daily essentials delivered with ease. They put the recipes together for you, saving you the time and trouble to decide what’s for dinner. Take the load off of your lucky lady and give her the gift of a personal shopper. She’ll be able to use that extra time for herself or your relationship.

Getting her subscribed to a beauty box is another great idea she’ll love. It’s just as good as having a personal shopper. Subscription-based products that are hand-selected for your needs and packaged with thoughtful perfection eliminate the hassle of her having to do it herself. It keeps her needs consistently fulfilled and she’ll have you to thank for it. Beauty box subscriptions also skip the step of you maybe not knowing what products are out there, trending, and which ones are the best.

4. Jewelry & Fashion

If all else fails, you can never go wrong with the gift of new jewelry or a new accessory that will upgrade her closet or freshen her fashionwear. A beaded bag is truly unique and something completely refreshing to carry since it has a hand-crafted appeal with loads of personality to reflect how well you know your significant other. Whatever you decide, she’ll know you care if you poke around in her closet and collection, and get her a new piece that shares the investment you’re willing to make for her as well as the fact that you know her best. Let whatever you purchase represent your quirks, a memorable moment, or the right accent to her favorite outfit.

5. Meaningful Momentos

The most treasured possessions are those that are priceless. The most meaningful gifts are those that are customized or handmade. If you’re an artist, then dive into your creativity and make something specifically for her. If you’re not an artist, that’s okay. You can still direct and design something from an artist that will show her that you know her best. If she or you both share a pet, then chances are that furry friend is hers or your love child that bonds you together. A custom pet painting will pull at her heartstrings. If you don’t share a pet, then a custom portrait of just you two or a memorable location will do the trick just the same as any pup.

She’ll Love You Most of All

It’s the thought that counts, and you made it this far. Any gift will mean something special because you chose it. The more you customize it for her from you, the more meaning it will have on this momentous anniversary. She’ll love you for thinking of her, so simply put the right thoughts and intentions behind everything towards her, and remember to celebrate!

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