29 Sales Email Subject Lines that Get Prospects to Open, Read and Respond

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Much the same as a gatekeeper can keep a businessperson from reaching the director or official they need to connect with, a subject line can hinder a prospect from opening a sales email. So, in this article, we will cover how the best marketing email subject lines are made and give a list of the best marketing email subject lines that we have put together. As emailing trends often change and it is getting hard to keep up with them, people working in marketing often search for information related to this subject, therefore making a podcast explaining current trends would get you many views. If you would like to have a guaranteed high visibility buy soundcloud plays.

How to make the perfect Sales Email Subject Line?

Figuring out how to compose a successful cold email headline is the initial step to opening more sales opportunities.

Your headline ought to talk specifically to the individual you’re reaching and purposely arouse their advantage – maybe by making an inquiry, saying something dubious, or utilizing time to make a feeling of criticalness.

As indicated by Convince and Convert, 69% of individuals who report messages as spam do as such in light of the headline. Therefore it implies including salesy words like “free” in the headline could get your email erased or hailed.

If all else fails, compose like a human. Utilizing lowercase compose, easy going dialect, or even purposefully including a grammatical mistake demonstrates that you’re a genuine individual – not a robot or corporate drone.

Tips to make the perfect Sales Email Subject Line:-

  • Make It Personal- Customizing your email subject in any capacity, such as utilizing your prospect’s name, gives you a 22.2% higher shot of having your email opened, as per a report from Adestra.
  • Use Referrals- Referrals give an effective preferred standpoint in the realm of sales email. Utilizing a shared contact’s name in the headline makes it more credible and makes your prospect more interested to open and answer to your message.
  • Spark Curiosity- Using the tactics of reverse psychology one can easily get a prospect to check out a sales email.
  • Use time to create a sense of urgency.

Now, that we know what is required, let us see all the Sentences that made it to our list of the best marketing email subject lines.


1. [Mutual connection] recommended I get in touch”

Barely any things are more effective than referrals. In the event that you share a colleague with your prospect, make sure to put that individual’s name in your email headline. The more your prospect believes your referrer, the all the more convincing your email will be.

2. [Prospect’s name], a bit of advice?

 A genuine concern for the prospect always plays out well and there is a high probability of getting the emails read this way.

3. [Prospect’s name], can you help me out?

Placing the prospect on a pedestal and being submissive goes a long way in bringing the individual into the sales funnel.

4. [Prospect’s name]- You’ll love this

Instigating a subconscious need can be of use when converting a prospect into a revenue-generating customer.

5. [Referee’s name] recommended I get in touch with you

 This again is a variation of the first example used. This has time and again proven its worth as a sales subject line so it is highly advisable to use this line for email marketing.

6. Do not open this email.

Here we have an exemplary case of reverse psychology. Advising your beneficiary not to accomplish something will just influence them to need it progressively – regardless of whether they may have generally skipped your email. This has time and again proved to be one of the best marketing email subject lines.

7. You are not alone

This abnormal headline takes a shot at a couple of various levels. It’s interesting and difficult to disregard, in addition to it gives you a chance to address a torment point from an extremely human viewpoint. For example, you could utilize stories of genuine clients to show how your answer can enable your prospect to defeat their difficulties, as well.

8. X options to get started

Fly in a couple of visual cues about how to commence your relationship in the body message (a substance offer, a telephone call, an upgrade opportunity for current clients, and so on.), and you’re ready.

9. Hoping to Help

Have you heard? The period of Always Be Closing is dead; the best sales representatives today hold fast to ABH (Always Be Helping). Put this upfront – prospects will value your authenticity and in addition your eagerness to be of service.


10. Next Step?

In an ideal situation, your prospect will be cheerful to get notification from you and push ahead with the arrangement. Your first follow-up ought to be light and neighborly, however in a way that still stands out enough to be noticed. This subject line has been one of the best marketing email subject lines when following up on a prospect.

11. Where is the love?

A rather unusual entrant to our list, however, this has served the purpose of putting a smile on the prospect’s face whenever there wasn’t much communication between the salesperson and the lead.

12. I forgot to mention…

 Incorporating a new feature or a need can lead to the customer getting interested. This can start conversations and ultimately morph into a customer.

13. Here’s the article we were talking about

Providing a documented piece of information can help in generating interest towards your mail.

14. Found your answer!

This is a very smart line that can be used for a prospect who has been on the lookout for a particular thing. If timed right, this subject line can work wonders.

15. One last thing, Tyler

 This line is generally used when repeated communications from the seller’s side has been declined. This is the last resort that can be tried.

16. Am I bugging you yet?

 Being submissive when talking to a prospect is one of the first lessons of selling. So, this line of submission is a clear indication of putting the prospect in a position of power. This might be appreciated by the prospect himself.

17. A 3 step plan for your busy week

You know the pain points of your ideal client, so project those points in the email body and give short, significant hints on how they can beat those difficulties over the coming week.

18. [Prospect], I thought you might like these blogs

Incorporate their name in the title and fill the email body with content you know they require. This is an awesome method and one of the best marketing email subject lines to test separated or totally non-responsive prospects for indications of life.

19. Feeling [insert emoticon]? Let me help

Take advantage of current occasions in your prospect’s industry. Focusing on advertisers amid the commotion before Diwali? Have a go at “Feeling stressed about what to give your loved one? Let me help.” Then offer how your product or service can relieve their burden.

20. We have [insert fact] in common.

Utilize five minutes looking through your contact’s LinkedIn or Facebook accounts. I wager you can discover no less than one thing you have in common – regardless of whether it’s simply that you’ve both been photographed eating spaghetti.

21. Missed you again

On the off chance that your voice messages aren’t getting returned as regularly as you’d like, consider sending line up messages with these headlines to ensure you remain on your prospect’s radar.


22. Thank You from [YOUR COMPANY]

Counting ‘thank you’ in a follow-up or separation email title use interest and emerges differently from other sales messages. The recipient needs to open the email to discover why you’re expressing gratitude toward them, which implies they’ll additionally read your message requesting another call or input.

23. Should I cross you off my list?

 This is a clear indication of a failed attempt at communicating with a prospect. It can as a last resort generate interest and query about the seller.

24. Should I stay, or should I go?

This is a completely diplomatic question which makes the prospect the decision maker. It can make him think that what is so important that he is receiving an email about it.

25. Tyler, did I do something wrong?

 Again, a message of submission claiming to rectify the mistakes has worked out multiple times. This line is used in case of the last email that might generate interest being sent to the prospect.

26. Are you ok?

 Another genuine show of concern email subject line. It has worked out really well when it came to getting sales emails read and replied to.

27. Did I lose you?

 This line is again a very smart way of checking whether the prospect is still interested. At the same time reinforce him with new information.

28. Permission to close your file

This separation email title puts the onus on the prospect to push ahead. Regardless of whether they react, you’ll know where they stand.

29. If you change your mind about partnering with [Name of your company]

Break radio silence by putting the ball decisively in a peaceful prospect’s court. This subject line might look a bit aggressive, but it has been very productive in being the best marketing email subject line for break up emails.

Final Words:

This list is not an exhaustive one, however, it is a perfect place to start learning how to write the appropriate email subject lines. Once it has been figured out, it becomes very easy to create a customized set of the best marketing email subject lines for your own organizations too.

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